My browsing history is a little scary…

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I am pretty sure that there is some government organization out there monitoring my internet account now…

This morning, I started out googling pregnancy tests (for a character in my book, not me!).
My last Google search of the morning?  Ways to tamper with someone’s brakes without getting caught.  Also googled if this is even a good way to kill someone (also for a fictional character, not for me).
I then wondered if anyone monitors for people looking up how to kill people or sabotage their cars.
This then led to me searching for writer’s search history  problems and I found some really funny stuff!  I listed a few below, you guys should check it out if you get a chance!

  1. A Writer’s Search History:  An Open Letter to the NSA
  2. The Weird & Worrying:  Writers’ Browsing Histories
  3. Five Signs You Might be a Writer…Or a Serial Killer

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  1. This is so true. I’m pretty new to writing, and the searches on my history would land me in prison if anything ever happened to my fiancee. Thanks for posting, I needed a laugh.

    • I walked away from my computer for a minute and thought, “my husband would sleep with one eye open if he read my search history from the last week.” He’d also probably have some questions about the pregnancy test… lol

  2. Years ago I was studying to be a mortician and I checked out a stack of books about anatomy, embalming, death rituals and customer etc. When I got up to the check out counter the Librarian actually asked what I was going to do with all of ” this ” information and I said:
    ” I’m writing a cookbook”

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