My browsing history is a little scary…

I am pretty sure that there is some government organization out there monitoring my internet account now…

This morning, I started out googling pregnancy tests (for a character in my book, not me!).

My last Google search of the morning?  Ways to tamper with someone’s brakes without getting caught.  Also googled if this is even a good way to kill someone (also for a fictional character, not for me).

I then wondered if anyone monitors for people looking up how to kill people or sabotage their cars.

This then led to me searching for writer’s search history  problems and I found some really funny stuff!  I listed a few below, you guys should check it out if you get a chance!

  1. A Writer’s Search History:  An Open Letter to the NSA
  2. The Weird & Worrying:  Writers’ Browsing Histories
  3. Five Signs You Might be a Writer…Or a Serial Killer

13 thoughts on “My browsing history is a little scary…

  1. Years ago I was studying to be a mortician and I checked out a stack of books about anatomy, embalming, death rituals and customer etc. When I got up to the check out counter the Librarian actually asked what I was going to do with all of ” this ” information and I said:

    ” I’m writing a cookbook”

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