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Note to Self: You’re Not on Vacation Anymore!

Well, I’m back (sorta)!

We had an amazing time on our vacation. But I think my brain may still be there!

I cannot seem to get back into the swing of things now that I’m back home… I don’t feel like cleaning, writing, cooking, or really doing anything that requires effort at all. Even carrying on coherent, meaningful conversations is just too much! Why can’t I just Cyndi Lauper my life away?

I’m aware that my refusal to be a productive member of society again probably means the cruise we took spoiled me just a little too much!

For now, I’m okay with it. I’m usually so stressed about everything that’s it’s nice to have a more laid back attitude… At least until I starve as I chill in my dusty home reading books and talking to people on the internet. (Can someone remind me to eat occasionally?)

Seriously, am I the only person who struggles to get back into the normal flow of life after vacation? What do you do to get motivated again?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ode to a Playground.

I attended three different elementary schools when I was younger.  They are all closed now, but my favorite was the first I attended.  We lived only a house away and it had a huge playground and a basketball court.
I learned to swing on the swings.
I learned to dribble a basketball on the court.
I learned to ride without training wheels in the parking lot.
I learned to slide down the stair rail all the way to the bottom of the hill!
I never made it to the moon, or all the way around on the swings.
My friend broke her arm after a fall from the monkey bars.
I sprained my wrist while doing flips on that stair rail.
I wrecked my bike more than once.
It was great.
It was bad.
I wish I could do it all over again.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…