Danny and the DreamWeaver by Mark Poe

Title: Danny and the DreamWeaver Author: Mark Poe (Rich DiSilvio) Publication Date: July 15, 2016 Genre(s): Middle grade fiction/science-fiction Length: 91 pages Description (from Goodreads): Danny is a grumpy video-game junky. He daydreams in school and has a long-standing rivalry with his neighbor. Yet Danny soon finds himself ensnared in a bizarre dream. Controlling his dream... Continue Reading →

The Seeker’s Stone (DNA in the Deep #1) by Kelly S. Epperson

Title:  The Seeker's Stone Author: Kelly S. Epperson Publication Date: October 2018 Genre(s): Science Fiction Chapter book for kids 7-13 Length: 66 pages Description: Staring down the ladder into the rock's dark interior, Emily and John wonder what they're getting themselves into... An hour ago, Emily and her brother John found themselves stuck with summer science camp instead... Continue Reading →

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