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Loving Day by Mat Johnson – Book Review

Loving Day by Mat Johnson – Book Review

Well, I finally got to check Mat Johnson‘s Loving Day off of my “To Be Read” list! Loving Day is funny, serious, light-hearted, deep, uplifting and slightly offensive all at the same time… Basically, I loved it! It’s a satirical story about Warren Duffy, a biracial man who recently divorced overseas, and has come back […]

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What if it were YOUR time to pay up?

What if it were YOUR time to pay up?

Have you ever settled on a book?  You know, your buddy suggests this awesome book that you just HAVE to read, but when you read the jacket you’re like, “Dude, you’ve GOT to be kidding me?” That’s about what happened when I chose The Invoice by Jonas Karlsson.  I browsed through my choices, saw other […]

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Evil Queen to Batman

This week’s “So you don’t know me, but” letter was written by Evilqueenofdeath (aka my teenage daughter).  You should also head over to Holmanese to read her Eminem and Rhianna’s “Monster” post! Enjoy 🙂 Dear Batman, So you don’t know me but I just wanted to say that I love you. Not like in a […]

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Note to Self: They're not real. They're only in your head!

Some background:  In order to maintain my focus on writing a novel (and basically give myself a kick in the pants), I signed up for an online class on Writers Digest University titled “12 Weeks to a First Draft”.  I’m on Week 4. I submitted my assignment last week and anxiously awaited the feedback from my […]

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