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Note to Self: You do NOT handle steroids well!

Note to Self: You do NOT handle steroids well!

As I’ve mentioned before, I have arthritis in my neck and bulging discs hitting my spinal cord. This has caused weakness in my right arm and a decrease in grip strength, among other very painful issues in my neck/shoulder area itself. (I personally feel having this issue in my left arm would be way better, […]

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Note to Self: It's OKAY, just breathe.

So the bathroom I told you all about last week is still not done.   I’ve ran into quite a bit of unexpected issues…  the latest of which, I’m pretty sure almost caused a nervous breakdown. Our house was built in the 1950’s so there are a lot of things that were made sometime before my […]

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Bad day, go away!

Do you ever have one of “those” days?   You know, where from the time you wake up in the morning, it feels as if the entire universe has turned against you? That was me this morning. First, I didn’t sleep well last night.  This was following a night of almost no sleep the night […]

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