Note to Self: They're not real. They're only in your head!

Some background:  In order to maintain my focus on writing a novel (and basically give myself a kick in the pants), I signed up for an online class on Writers Digest University titled “12 Weeks to a First Draft”.  I’m on Week 4. I submitted my assignment last week and anxiously awaited the feedback from my […]

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What's all about, anyway?

I’m sure your wondering what you can expect from  Okay, you’re probably not, but I’m going to tell you anyway.  😛 First, let me tell you a little about me… My name is Jess Combs.  I’m 35 and I have two daughters.  My oldest is 15 and my youngest is 10.  I love reading, […]

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Bestseller's List, Here I Come (or Not)

This past May, I quit my job. There were about 100 reasons why I shouldn’t have done so and only one reason why I should.  Namely, it had become obvious that the best thing for our daughters was for one of us be at home with them right now. The fact that we even had the option […]

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