Note to Self: Stop Writing Notes to Yourself.

I think I may be addicted to post-it notes. I leave them EVERYWHERE.  I have them on my computer, in books, in journals, on the fridge, on cabinets, in my bag…  you could pretty much follow the trail of post-its to find me anywhere. 

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"Please Don't, I'm afraid it will cause actual brain damage."

Ok, so this is an actual conversation I just had with my 15 year old. Me:  I’m going to hit you with my book.** Her:  Please don’t.  It’s really thick.  I’m afraid it will cause actual brain damage — Wait!  Who’s book is thicker?  *grabs her book and holds it up against mine*  Yours is […]

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So you don't know me, but…

Hello internet people who live inside my computer  Had an idea today that I thought would be really fun…  hopefully you all will too.  Or you’ll think it’s a little creepy and/or crazy.  Either way, it should be entertaining!  🙂 I sometimes do silly things to get my brain “writing ready.”  Since starting, it’s been […]

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My apologies to Felicia Day

Dear Felicia, Can I call you Felicia?  I mean, I feel like I already know you.  Although, you have no idea who I am. If we ever met though, I’m sure that we would be best friends!  I’ve followed you on the internet since season one of The Guild (not in a creepy stalker way).  I […]

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Woo HOO!!!  Feeling Blogging LOVE this A.M.  🙂 Maya nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!  🙂  I love her blog.  She’s honest and funny and when I read her Break the Silence… Even if I break People? post… Let’s just say that you shouldn’t drink and read (unless you were needing to clean your […]

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My browsing history is a little scary…

I am pretty sure that there is some government organization out there monitoring my internet account now… This morning, I started out googling pregnancy tests (for a character in my book, not me!). My last Google search of the morning?  Ways to tamper with someone’s brakes without getting caught.  Also googled if this is even […]

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