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TARDIS Afghan – Week 2

Hello all!

As I mentioned last week, I have started this Afghan over a few times. In order too avoid that this time, I cheated a little. ¬†So far, the cheat is working for me. I’m over the part I kept messing up! Yay!!! ūüôā

The cheat: ¬†Instead of again losing my place in the beginning maze of color switches, I did 20 ¬†straight black rows. I’m going to go back over it and sew the gray triangles in later. (I hope that made sense lol) You can see in the below pics where these rows are very easily!

I have a horrible migraine today and can’t look at my computer. But, I wanted to make sure I updated my progress… so I’m using my phone to post. Which may mean this doesn’t work. Wish me luck…

Here is the TARDIS Afghan in its second week:

KIMG0132 KIMG0131

Some info on this pattern: ¬†It’s 337 stitches across. When finished, it will be (or at least it should be according to the pattern) 9’6″ x 6’4″. I’m using Knitpicks Wool of the Andes. It’s a worsted weight yarn (and one of my favorites). The pattern is available on Ravelry at Doctor Who TARDIS Afghan.

Any questions, just ask. This is a lot of fun to knit! Of course, I’m one of those knitters who enjoys having 2-4 different colors on use at a time so it may not be for everyone lol.

Note to Self: Kill Your Darlings Before They Kill You

Yes, yes I am writing little notes to myself again. ¬†I’ve already confessed my post-it addiction…

Don't Judge me
So, I have no idea who said it first… ¬†I think maybe Faulkner, but the internet fairies are¬†being really stingy with the answers today. ¬†I found 5 other possible originators of the phrase…


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Bad day, go away!

Image from Paul Downey
Image from Paul Downey

Do you ever have one of “those” days? ¬† You know, where from the time you wake up in the morning, it feels as if the entire universe has turned against you?

That was me this morning.

First, I didn’t sleep well last night. ¬†This was following a night of almost no sleep the night before. ¬†So I really needed the coffee fairies to be nice and generous with the caffeine this morning.

Unfortunately, I overslept.

So I took my only cup of coffee out the door with me as I headed off for a class I had signed up for… ¬†My exit was closed and I had to take a detour that added an extra 10 minutes to my drive. ¬†(Did I mention I was running late due to the oversleeping?) Continue reading → Bad day, go away!

Evil Queen to Batman

This week’s “So you don’t know me, but” letter was written by Evilqueenofdeath (aka my teenage daughter). ¬†You should also head over to Holmanese to read her Eminem and Rhianna’s “Monster” post! Enjoy ūüôā

Dear Batman,

So you don’t know me but I just wanted to say that I love you. Not like in a romantic way but in a you’re awesome kinda way.

The whole lets save the city and only focus on that and nothing else¬†thing¬†though… gets annoying. You need to pay attention to other things. I mean, in the new video game you got Barbara killed. ¬†Well not really, but you thought you had gotten her killed. You almost got Tim Drake killed.

I’m sorry if I seem to be going against you but you kinda make it hard not to. Again, though, I do think your awesome.

Ugh, its hard to write to you. I feel like if I say something stupid or really bad you’ll come and beat me up or something.

Well since I have nothing else to say, goodbye and good luck saving Gotham.


Evil Queen (Alexis)

Current Knitting Projects (WIP)

I’ve had some requests for me to share my current knitting projects. ¬†I’ve put this off because I’m a little embarrassed by the trouble I’ve had with these. ¬†I’m actually a really good knitter, but these have proved quite troublesome and I’m a little aggravated by them. ¬†Anyway, I’ve shared them below. ¬†I warn you… I’m a horrible photographer!

I may make this a weekly work in progress post. ¬†It’ll keep me from slacking off on my knitting and maybe I’ll learn some photography skills along the way. ¬†(Seriously… ¬†I know you all know the photo secrets. ¬†Please share with me?) Continue reading → Current Knitting Projects (WIP)