Review Disclosure Policy

I am currently NOT accepting books for review consideration.

Please read below before contacting me with a review request (it would also be helpful to read some of my other reviews):


  • I accept both e- and print books. When contacting me regarding a book you’d like considered for review, note whether you’re offeringan e-book or print. Please note that I do prefer to receive actual print books, as I’m kinda old-fashioned in my note taking and it’s easier for me to reference my notes while writing my reviews. Therefore, preference will be given to those willing to offer a print book. (Also, they smell better than my Kindle.) If you’re sending an e-version, please send in .mobi.
  • While I do try, I cannot guarantee a response to all requests for review. If you have sent me an e-mail at, or submitted a request via the Contact Me form, and have not heard back from me in two weeks, please feel free to resubmit your request. When resubmitting, please let me know that you are doing so.
  • I am on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and LibraryThing. I will post reviews to Amazon as well, although I cannot guarantee those reviews will not be removed. I have had problems with Amazon approving and then later removing my reviews in the past. I cannot be responsible for removal by Amazon. I apologize in advance should this happen. (I do try to stay up to date and in compliance with all of Amazon’s review policies.)
  • Please be aware that I do not promise to write about any book in a positive way. Every review will be my honest opinion about the book I’ve read.
  • Acceptance of a book for review does not guarantee that that book will be reviewed. While I do try to review every book I accept, not every book is a great fit for me and I will not review a book I did not finish reading. The only exceptions to this are 1) I personally requested the book, I will write a post about the book but not necessarily a review or 2) the author or publisher has asked for a post to be written anyway.
  • When deciding whether to accept a book for possible review, preference will be given to books written by authors I have previously reviewed and enjoyed, books in the below categories, and books featuring positive representation of bi-racial characters. Please be sure to mention these in your review request. (It also helps if you actually follow/read my posts.)
  • tenorI do accept books for review consideration from publicists, agents, authors, etc. Yes, this includes self-published authors. It does not mean that I will agree to receive and review every one that is suggested. I receive a large volume of review requests and therefore cannot accept every request. Please, do not take it personally and do not get nasty. While I may not be open or able to review your current book, I may be dying to read and review the next (or even a previous one). However, negative responses to my declining to review will result in me not responding to future requests or emails from that author.
  • I delete most eBooks after reading them, however print books may be donated to my local library or church, if appropriate. Please let me know if you would prefer this not be done.

My reading preferences:

  • Mystery
  • Christian Fiction
  • Young Adult
  • Literary and commercial fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Fantasy and Science fiction
  • Children’s books

DO NOT send me requests to review erotica or books that, while not labeled erotica, may as well be. I will not finish or review these.
Please use the e-mail address when submitting a review request. This helps keep requests from being lost when using the Contact Me form. I also accept mail at P.O. Box 8679, South Charleston, WV 25303. Thanks for your interest!

(Updated APRIL 11, 2020)