Blood Payment (a City of Blood prequel) Now Available on Audiobook!

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Blood Payment is the third audiobook I’ve narrated for Laura Greenwood. It’s a prequel to the City of Blood series and I had a blast recording it! If you’ve read any of the series, then you know that the City of Blood is supposed to be some kind of safe haven for the vampires (I’ve yet to figure out why on earth humans choose to come there). The founder and leader, Reese, rules with an iron fist and is really a narcissistic dictator. Blood Payment is told from her point of view when she’s just forming the City of Blood so getting into her head was a little creepy, but super fun!

You can purchase Blood Payment on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. And please, if you can, take a minute to leave a review and/or comment your thoughts below!


Publisher’s Summary of Blood Payment:

“Vampires have become weak, and I’m one of the only people who sees it. Now, I just have to prove it.

I’ll rule with an iron fist and sharpened fangs. I will usher in a new era.

Welcome to the City of Blood, where I’m going to make every vampire’s paradise.”

— Reese

“Blood Payment” is a short story and a prequel to Drop of Blood.

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