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Hello everyone! If you read my 2020 goals post, then you know that I’ve been filled with a new excitement for blogging and reading this year. I’m still loving every time I sit down at my computer (or attempt a post on my phone) but life has thrown me a few curveballs just to make things a bit more interesting. This past week of illness that swept through our house has me especially behind! So I’ll be taking a short blogging break in order to catch back up on work and get ahead of the game here. Therefore, you won’t see any new posts until March 12, when I’ll be sharing my review of Venators for the Ultimate Blog Tour hosted by The Write Reads.

The Write Reads Blogtour Venators by Devri Walls

During my “time away” I’ll be getting posts scheduled for the next month and setting up giveaways for the year! I’m also working on a new layout/design… Hmm… now that I’m thinking about all the work I’ll be doing while my posts aren’t going live, it isn’t really much of a break. 🤷‍♀️

I won’t be completely gone!

While I may be taking a blogging “break,” you can still find me around…

I’ll be on Twitter and Goodreads . So if you’re not already following me there, come and say hi!!

And I am currently accepting book review requests (although I haven’t been great at e-mail this past week). PLEASE read my review policy before submitting a request. If your book (or books) is in line with that policy, then please don’t hesitate to contact me. But please note, as clearly stated in my policy, I do not guarantee a positive review! I will post my honest thoughts.

You can also shoot me an e-mail to say hello, make suggestions for upcoming posts or changes to the site (I’d love to partner with some other book blogs on some things – hint hint).

I guess that’s it. Now you know I’m not disappearing forever and I’ll see you all March 12!

Happy Reading!! Be back soon!

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