BOOK REVIEW: The Perfect Mother by Caroline Mitchell

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BOOK REVIEW: The Perfect Mother by Caroline MitchellThe Perfect Mother by Caroline Mitchell
Published by Thomas & Mercer on January 14, 2020
ISBN: 1542016649
Pages: 368
Source: NetGalley, Amazon Publishing UK

She thought they wanted her baby. But they won’t stop there.
Roz is young, penniless and pregnant. All she wants is to be the perfect mother to her child, but the more she thinks about her own chaotic upbringing, the more certain she is that the best life for her baby is as far away as possible from her hometown in Ireland.
Determined to do the right thing, Roz joins an elite adoption service and can’t believe her luck. Within days she is jetting to New York to meet a celebrity power couple desperate for a child of their own. Sheridan and Daniel are wealthy and glamorous—everything Roz isn’t. Her baby will never go hungry, and will have every opportunity for the perfect life. But soon after Roz moves into their plush basement suite, she starts to suspect that something darker lurks beneath the glossy surface of their home.
When Roz discovers she isn’t the first person to move in with the couple, and that the previous woman has never been seen since, alarm bells start ringing. As the clock ticks down to her due date, Roz realises her unborn baby may be the only thing keeping her alive, and that despite her best intentions, she has walked them both into the perfect nightmare…

Once upon a time, I was a huge mystery/suspense fan. I gobbled up as much of it as I could, often devouring a book a day in the dark, twisty lives I found in their pages. But at some point, either the authors started letting me down or I became immune to them. It was like I’d caught on to all their tricks… I went years always knowing how a story was going to end, whatever the mystery might be, I figured it out.

And it put me off the genre altogether.

Last year, I decided to give it another try and I found some great suspenseful reads that I loved! But so far this year, I’ve been disappointed.

Until now…

The Perfect Mother by Caroline Mitchell has renewed my hope for the mystery/suspense genre! I can’t go so far as to say that’s it was everything that I ever wanted in a thriller but despite the few annoying bits, I absolutely loved this book. Outside of Agatha Christie, there aren’t a lot of books in this genre I would even consider re-reading, but this would be one!

The Story:

The Perfect Mother is the story of a young woman named Roz, who finds herself pregnant after a drunken one-night stand. She’s recently been fired from her job and she can’t tell the father of the child that she’s even pregnant. All we know is that, whoever the father is, she’s mortified about it and won’t even tell her best friend and roommate, Dympna, who it is.

I was pretty sure I knew who the father was throughout the book. I literally made a note that said: “It’s pretty obvious the father is…” BUT I WAS WRONG! For the first time in what seemed like forever, I was thrown more than one curveball and what I thought I knew was completely wrong! I LOVED IT!

Sorry, I got a little sidetracked there. Who the father is or what all Ms. Mitchell managed to throw me on has very little to do with the actual story at this point, so let’s move on…

So Roz decides her only real option is to give her baby up for adoption. She signs up to this adoption site where couples basically buy your baby. At least, that’s how Dympna sees it. Roz is super excited when a “diamond couple” is interested in her baby. Things proceed rather quickly from there and, despite her misgivings, she finds herself moving to New York to live with the couple until the baby is born.

Once there, Roz finds herself in a horrible situation. Nothing is as it was supposed to be and she realizes too late that she’s made a horrible mistake. No one knows where she is, who she’s with, or why she’d even be in America. So it’s all really dreary.

I feel like that’s about all I can say about the story itself without giving anything away, so hopefully, I’ve made it clear that I LOVED IT!!!!

The Characters:

And here’s where we come to my issue with the book…

I loved most of the characters in this story. Dympna is amazing and funny and well-developed even though she’s a secondary character. The diamond couple, Sheridan and Daniel, who want Roz’s baby and will go to ANY lengths to get it, are complicated and I never did figure them out. I mean, they were the bad guys but I had a really hard time figuring out who was the REALLY bad guy here and there was just so much going on and backstory that started coming out and a whole rabbit hole of “THAT’s CRAZY” that pretty much every character in this book was surprisingly awesome.

Except for the main one.

I loved the book and I loved all the characters except for Roz. Which was very unfortunate considering she’s the MAIN character!!!

Roz was way too naive. I mean, it was unrealistic and I wanted to strangle or smack her way too often. She was likable (eventually) but even if I could get past the naivety, she’s whiney and has this attitude like the world owes her something because she had a crappy childhood. I mean, does anyone have a perfect childhood? Sorry, but that doesn’t keep you from accepting responsibility for your crappy actions now that you’re an adult. (That may have been a little harsh, but she seriously annoyed me and I”m still upset about it.)

Yeah, so basically every character is great except the main one.


I definitely recommend reading The Perfect Mother if you’re looking for a good thriller/suspense book. But you’ve been warned that the main character might drive you a bit batty and make you want to punch someone. It’s worth the read anyway though!

Have you read The Perfect Mother? What do you think? Have any recommendations for my next read? Leave a comment below or find me on Twitter!

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!


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