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Happy Friday Everyone! Welcome to “Freebie Friday” here at Combing Through the Pages.

In case you don’t already know, I started narrating audiobooks last year. I get promo codes from Amazon for the books I narrate. I tried to set up a page on here where anyone could request these codes but, sadly, my blogging skills just weren’t quite expert enough to pull that off. And, I’m lazy. As a book blogger, I know a lot of book lovers who might be interested, but I don’t have the time or energy to send out requests… So here we are at my solution – Freebie Fridays.

Every Friday, I’ll share the audiobooks I still have promo codes available for, along with a short blurb about the book. You can request a promo code by using my Contact Form or sending me an email to Just be sure to include your name, the title of the book or books you’d like a code for, and whether you use Audible-US or Audible UK. (Sorry, but I’m only given promo codes for Audible US and UK.)

Just to be clear… these are commitment-free promo codes! I’m not asking for reviews or anything in exchange (although if you enjoy the book, a review would obviously be nice).  My little space on the internet isn’t all that large and I’m pretty much just saying “Thank you for being here and supporting me. Here’s a free book.”

Available Audiobooks:

A young girl dies mysteriously from what can only be explained as a rare illness. Her younger sister finds a diary in her room that has never been written in. Day by day the book reveals a new writing that urges the young girl to investigate the death. From encounters to the writings, there is a story to be heard, a mystery to be solved.

The first book, The Rose Diary, is a roller-coaster of suspense, and this one will take you on an even wilder ride.

In book one, we learn that Jacky’s sister, Sandra, has been murdered by poison. A series of paranormal experiences lead to the arrest of someone Jacky has never really been fond of. But is that the real murderer?

This exciting second book takes you through twist after twist and keeps you guessing. A ghost story, murder mystery, and courtroom drama, this audiobook is fantastically fun.

Searching for answers is the main thing on Tabitha’s mind. But when an exchange of black market magic goes wrong, she finds herself entangled with a member of the High Council.

With her mate by her side, Tabitha finally finds what she’s looking for, only to discover it could change the balance of power in necromancer society…and not for the better.

Blood and Deceit is a standalone story set in the Paranormal Council Universe.

Push, Tumble, & Fall is the Paris Book Festival First Place, Winner.

New Orlean’s Myla Blackbird has a gift some would consider a curse. She can heal the broken and the dammed, and all for the small price of their sanity. But when her boyfriend leaves her abruptly, she herself begins to fall apart. Everybody tells her she’s crazy, to forget him, that it was all nothing but a dream. But Myla can’t forget. She can fix everyone else, but will she be able to fix herself?

Push, Tumble, & Fall is a stand-alone novel part of The Lunatics series.

Peter (2 Peter 3:11) asks us to consider what kind of people we ought to be in light of the fact that the Lord will return for His people at any time, that this world as we know it will then disappear, and that we need to be prepared every day for this anticipated event. This book delves into those things the Lord expects us to be doing and ways we are to prepare. There are four emphases: loving, readied, holy, and growing. Each chapter ends with prayer and includes a “Reflect” section with probing questions.

Again, just fill out the contact me form or email me and include your name, title of the book or books you’d like to listen to, and whether you need an Audible-US or an Audible-UK code. Thanks for your support!!

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