The Never-Ending Blanket

Posted February 5, 2019 by Jess C. in knitting / 2 Comments

Gather round and I’ll tell you the tale of the never-ending blanket…

It all began last summer, as Thing 1 was preparing to leave for college. I decided to make her something to take along with her. I asked what she wanted and she picked out this blanket:

Tree of Love Heirloom Crochet Afghan via Knitpicks

Now normally, I’m a knitter first and a crocheter as a last resort only (FOR GOOD REASON)! But I had just crocheted a super cute turtle for one of our foster children and was feeling pretty confident…

And so it began!

On June 18, 2018, I began crocheting away, knowing I could get the blanket done for my baby before she left in August!

But then August came and the blanket wasn’t done. Soon came Thanksgiving break and still, I had nothing to give her.

By that time, I admit, the length of the blanket seemed a little longer than I’d anticipated it being… And I was only halfway done!

It wasn’t until Christmas when I realized the truth — I’d been reading the pattern all wrong!!! I finished it quickly after that, but my 5’1″ daughter now has an over 6′ “throw” to cover up with…

And that, my friends, is the abridged tale of the never-ending blanket.

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2 responses to “The Never-Ending Blanket

  1. Oh my goodness I love it! Silly mistakes make the best gifts! I’ve been knitting for about 3 years and I have a half-finished 10-stitch blanket that I’m sure I’m never going to finish.

    • You’ll get it done eventually! It once took me 3 years to finish knitting a sweater. By the time I finished it I was different size and ended up giving it away… But the point is I DID finish it, so I know you’ll finish your blanket. Knitting is a no pressure hobby. If it takes 10 years to finish a project you’ll be just as happy as if it took 10 days! It’s one of the things I love about it

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