I’m on Vacation!!

Posted January 21, 2019 by Jess C. in book reviews / 2 Comments

If I was as organized as I planned on being for 2019, I’d have already posted something similar to this, but….

Yeah, I’m just not there yet.

I’m taking a semi-spontaneous/surprise blogging (and real life) vacation to celebrate mine and my husband’s 6th anniversary (in case you hadn’t already noticed the lack of posts). I’ll be back February 1, but until then I’ll have almost no internet or phone access so I can’t reply to e-mails, comments, Twitter, etc. But as soon as I’m back I’ll respond to anything I’ve missed!

Until then, happy reading! And feel free to leave me some links to your posts while I’m gone so I can catch up when I get back!!

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2 responses to “I’m on Vacation!!

    • I’m currently accepting a few books for review. I’m still catching up on e-mails from the last few weeks and I’ll be updating my review policy page soon!

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