Danny and the DreamWeaver by Mark Poe

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Danny and the DreamWeaver by Mark PoeDanny and the Dreamweaver by Mark Poe
Published by DV Books on July 16, 2016
ISBN: 0997680733
Pages: 104

Danny is a grumpy video-game junky. He daydreams in school and has a long-standing rivalry with his neighbor.

Yet Danny soon finds himself ensnared in a bizarre dream. Controlling his dream is Nostrildamus, an odd-looking creature with a huge nose and no eyes, yet can oddly see into the future.

Taken on a time-traveling hunt to solve an art-related mystery, Danny meets strange looking artists, like Hippopotamus Bosch and Michelanjello, while Nostrildamus tries to impart subtle pearls of wisdom.

Yet, what does it all mean? And what effect, if any, will all this have on Danny?

Find out in "Danny and the DreamWeaver," an imaginative adventure of criminal intrigue, time travel, and art history, infused into a bizarre dream that will have you scratching your head and smiling, until the end!

My review:

If I had to sum up this book in one word, it’d be HILARIOUS! I had SO much fun reading this!!!

From the very first page of Danny and the DreamWeaver, I was smiling and laughing. It’s filled with a lot of sass and humor but is actually educational at the same time.

The characters featured are so fun to read about and I was actually a little upset to see them go at the end. My favorite was a scene between Nostrildamus and a cardinal at the Vatican that had me laughing so hard I had to stop reading for a bit and come back to the book when I could pick it back up without busting out laughing again.

Even though the beginning pulled me in, it also had some faults… Danny rushes home to play games on his XBox 360 and PlayStation that I think are only available on the XBox One and PS 4 consoles. That probably only threw me off because I’m a bit of a video game junky, so I notice that kinda thing. Others probably wouldn’t.

My other issue is a pet peeve of mine in many, many stories… a character described himself for absolutely no reason! Again, this might not bother anyone else but it’s a pet peeve of mine. In this instance, Nostrildamus describes his appearance to Danny while Danny is standing right in front of him.

I think middle-grade students will enjoy this book and get a kick out of the puns. I also really liked the short bios at the end of all the famous characters.

I received a free review copy of this book from the author. This in no way influenced my review.

What do you think? Have a suggestion for my next read? Leave me a comment below!

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