William Chasterson

Are Africans really people?

This question arises as a result of the double standard the news media has set up when reporting on the Ebola epidemic. News española, CNN, and most other news outlets have been giving in depth coverage of the individuals affected by the disease. We learn details about the people and their families. We see dignified pictures of them when they were well. In contrast when it comes to Africa we see numbers and charts. We see grand totals of the dead and forecasts of how many more are expected to die. The footage of actual people we are shown is degrading and played on a continual loop. For instance I saw footage of a man in Liberia who escaped from the Ebola clinic because he was hungry and they weren’t bringing him food. They chased him through the streets in their bio suits and tackled him…

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  1. Having lived on the continent for nine years I can confirm that to much of the world Africa is a country not a continent. I think people who came to our wedding had a very real fear that lions would be roaming the airport. I sense this is part of the reason why news coverage and reporting is generally so awful at portraying anything other than a one dimensional view of stereotypical third world footage.

    Good share – interesting piece.

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