Well yeah, it’s illegal, but… how illegal is it, really?

How illegal is itOk, so about a year ago my sister was over at my house for bible study.  She had some concert tickets that she wasn’t going to use and could use some extra cash.  Her plan was to go early to the event and sell them to someone who needed tickets.

Being the wise and caring older sister that I am, I let her know that it was illegal to scalp tickets so she needed to make sure she didn’t get caught.  (Yes, I realize this is an odd conversation to have at a bible study…  I’m sure Jesus would have advised her not to get caught too to break the law.  But she’s my little sister, it’s kinda my job to keep her out of jail whenever possible.  Therefore, my standing advice will always be… If you’re gonna do it, don’t get caught!)

She wasn’t sure whether I was telling her the truth about the legality of ticket scalping (turns out I wasn’t), so we asked my husband, who also wasn’t sure.  I don’t remember the whole conversation, but it went something like this:

Hubby:  I think it is illegal.

Sis:  Well is it illegal illegal or is it like jaywalking?

Me:  Pretty sure it’s like jaywalking.  I still wouldn’t do it right in front of a cop, though.

Sis:  So if I get caught, it’s probably just a  fine.

Me:  Probably.  Just add that into the price of the ticket

(I’m quite brilliant sometimes, huh?)

Yesterday, we had almost the exact same conversation over driver’s licenses.  She had lost hers and mine is expired.  Neither of us want to go to the DMV.  At the end of our conversation, we had pretty much made up our minds that we would not be going to the DMV yet because, if we were to get pulled over, we’d have a “grace period” to produce a valid ID.  (Because hey, if there’s no fine and no jail it’s not really illegal, right?)

Now, before you get all judgey on me…  I am, for the most part, a law biding citizen.  I’m kinda little and I’m thinking I wouldn’t do well in jail, so I avoid anything where the result could be imprisonment whenever possible.  (Also big fines…  I don’t want to pay any of those things either.)

But seriously…  who is over the age of 18 and can honestly say you’ve NEVER broken a law in your life?

I’m pretty sure we have all at least jaywalked, right?  Even after working in a trauma hospital for a few years and seeing numerous pedestrians come in after being hit by a vehicle…   I have still, on occasion, crossed the street “illegally.” (The quotes are because no matter how many officers I have jaywalked in front of, none gave me a ticket or even raised an eyebrow.)

There are some laws out there that just don’t count, right?

I found a site that lists 22 of the most ridiculous US laws, if you get a chance, you should take a look.  Some of my favorite illegal actions from that list are:

  • flirting
  • public appearance within 4 hours of eating garlic or onions
  • off key singing
  • selling your eyeballs

Those are the kind of things that beg the question…  “Just how illegal is it, really?”  Because let’s face it… if it’s not enforced, it’s not a “real” rule.  (Okay, selling your eyeballs should DEFINITELY be enforced, but the others… not so much.)

(I’m probably going to get pulled over for driving on an expired license on my way to the DMV now…)

I’d love to hear from you guys…  What kind of crazy laws do you know of that aren’t “really” illegal, or that should be, but aren’t?  Have you ever thought something was okay, only to find out later it wasn’t?

8 thoughts on “Well yeah, it’s illegal, but… how illegal is it, really?

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  1. Paying child bus fare when over the ‘child’ limit. I think the fine is £35. Not that I’ve ever done it- I have my discount card – but the fine is a scratch on the money people have not paid by simply lying. But I totally agree with the ‘don’t get caught’!!

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  2. Okay, I admit it. I have on more than one occasion been guilty of a rolling boulevard stop. You know, pulling almost to a stop, looking both directions, seeing no one there, then proceeding on through the intersection. I wouldn’t do that on a really busy street, but sometimes it seems silly to go for a full stop. My dad always told me that if a policeman ever wrongly writes me a ticket to just smile and thank him and go on. It won’t happen often enough to pay all those I didn’t get and probably should have.

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  3. Apparently it’s legal to shoot a Welshman with a bow and arrow if he’s crossing the border at a certain point into England. It’s why I moved to South Africa 🙂 After reading your post though I’m now terrified that flirting is illegal – going to have to check that link!!

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