"It'll only take me a day…" (Yep, I'm an idiot!)

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When we moved into our house two years ago, almost every room upstairs was covered in wallpaper. I’m not a wallpaper person…. Seeing it makes me cringe.
So naturally, the first thing we did before moving in was remove wallpaper. We managed to get every room except for the bathroom and kitchen done.
Yes, that right… two years later it’s still there! We have done absolutely nothing to either of those rooms! (Which is odd because, at the time, they were the two I felt needed addressed immediately.)
Apparently enough time had past since my previous wallpaper removal project that, yesterday, I had this brilliant thought…

Why am I living with this stuff? The bathroom, it’s so small…I can get the wallpaper down today and paint tomorrow.  Oh look, Lowe’s has tile on sale for cheap.  I’ll have this whole bathroom done by Wednesday…

(Are you laughing yet?)
The above picture shows you just how far I got yesterday!
Needless to say, shortly after beginning this little project I remembered just how hard wallpaper removal can be. You’re not going to believe this… but trying to do remove it while balancing on the side of a tub takes wallpaper removal from mildly aggravating to down right comical!
At one point I had a Wile E. Coyote moment…
No joke, I kinda hovered in the air for a minute before I realized that my feet were no longer touching anything…  Thankfully, I managed to catch myself (miraculously) before falling to my death.  (Okay, before falling to the floor with a sprained ankle or something…  falling to my death just sounded way more dramatic…  It’s my blog, stop judging me!)
Obviously, this is not getting done by Wednesday.
I’d love to hear someone else’s “oh this is gonna be easy” story…  especially if it makes me feel better about my current project!!

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0 responses to “"It'll only take me a day…" (Yep, I'm an idiot!)

  1. Oh boy, I hope you are okay! I slipped in my tub once and pushed a bunch of tiles in. Which led to my building manager getting a guy to fix the tiles. The guy ripped out nearly all the tiles that surround my tub (which he wasn’t suppose to I was later told), which made a day’s worth of a quick project turn into a week’s worth of this guy showing up to my suite every morning to put up new tiles. Which then led to tub people coming in after he was done to fix my tub! I couldn’t use my tub for two days! No shower for two days! It was crazy. I hope everything works out for you! Wallpaper in a bathroom just does not go well together.

    • I’m fine, it was more scary than painful…then funny after a few seconds! Luckily, we’ve got another shower so it doesn’t matter too much how long this “single day” project takes me lol. I would be so mad at myself if I took the shower away from everyone else because I thought I had super speed like the flash lol

  2. Oh I have so many of these episodes!But it usually strikes me in the spring 😉 I would get these “I just can’t stand these walls anymore, I’ll take advantage of these 2 days I have off from
    work, or the kids staying with grandparents or my husband being away on travel” and attack those walls or strip the floors or whatever and severely miscalculate the number of hours in a day available to the job, or the materials and level of expertise needed to finish it 🙁
    But you know you can do it, and you will be so happy after . Just don’t fall down on the tub please :):)

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only person who thinks they can squeeze a week’s worth of work into a day or two! It always seems so simple in my head…then I start and realize how long it actually takes (and that I don’t know as much as I think I do, usually). I’m trying to stay off the tub for a while lol

  3. I love this post. NOTHING is easy. Even easy isn’t easy. Your bathroom balancing act is making me nervous for you. Please. Be careful. I once had a horrific bathtub accident. One of the kids took a shower in my master bathroom and messed up my window shade. In my haste to even the shade, I jumped across the dry bathtub in slippery socks. 43 stiches to my head and my bottom lip sewn back together is more than a “welcome to my clumsy”. It was downright idiotic! Take care of yourself–and truth be told. Wallpaper is yuck. Paint is easier–and even more easier when someone else is doing the job. I enjoyed your post so much! XOXOXOXO!!

    • I’m being much more careful than I was! It scared be just enough to wake me up I guess. I worked at a hospital for a while and we had more than one patient come in severely hurt from a bathtub fall. You would think I’d know better than to be so careless… but nope, I have to do something stupid first lol

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