I'm (Finally) Back!!!

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Did you miss me???  That’s okay, I didn’t miss you either.

 (You’re  right, I’m lying… I totally did!  How’d you know?)

I really wish I could say I was away exploring Middle Earth or saving muggles.  Unfortunately, the closest I came to doing either was a statement about wanting to watch Hobbit movies and actually watching years 1-6 of Harry’s adventures at Hogwarts.
You would think I would have written quite a bit while not on here…  And you would be wrong.
I also didn’t get much knitting done on the TARDIS.  I did, however, manage to start a whole new project…  new Christmas stockings for the girls (will post pics tomorrow)!!!
Let’s see… what other unproductive thing did I do???
OH YEAH!!!  I went bowling with my girls and sister.   I pretty much SUCK at bowling now.  Not that I was ever all that great…  “back in the day” (I cannot use that phrase without hearing Ahmad singing in my head.)  I had high hopes of hitting 200.  Apparently, I now have to be happy (and excited) to break 100.  (It’s sad, I know!  Especially since my little sister totally kicked my butt the last game!  Embarrassing.  *Sigh*)
About the only productive thing I did manage to do while I was away was have a Guild Wars 2 day with my girls.  We made new Sylvari and leveled to 16. (Productive is a relative term, right?)  Since we’re still pretty new to GW2, I have no idea if this is a feat to actually be proud of or not… but we were pretty impressed with ourselves!

(Side note:  If you’re going to waste an entire day of your life living in an online world… I suggest being proud of ANY achievements made while in fictional form.  It will definitely help to ease and/or eliminate any guilt you may feel later about not achieving things in the less awesome, sometimes depressing real world.)

So what about you guys??  What have you been up to the last week???  What all have I missed in the world of blogs??  Send me links to check out!!!
(I’m feeling a little like I left the planet for a week instead of leaving the internet — Same difference though, I guess.)
UPDATE:  I just checked my spam…  There are a TON of comments in there.  I’m trying to go through it now and see what all I’ve missed, but I don’t reply please don’t take it personally.  It looks like most of what was sent over the last week went there.  I’m not sure why.  🙁

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    • Thanks! It was actually a really great week. I tend to make myself feel really crappy if I go through one day without being productive in some form or another. Taking a week to just have fun was pretty cool. (Although, at times, I my husband did have to remind me that was the plan lol)

    • To be honest, the Asura scare me.. Okay, really it’s only one Asura. But I’m terrified more just like it are going to haunt me forever in my dreams! My daughter created one with the freakiest eyes you have ever seen!!! Seriously, fictional or not… no creature should have eyes like that. We just started playing so I’m still not sure how I feel about it yet. There are things I love and things I think I’ll like once I know better what I’m doing lol. I played WoW for a long time, then Rift for a while, then WoW again… it’s a vicious cycle. I think the girls have convinced me we need to go back to WoW before the next expansion lol

      • Holy cow. I played WoW (worgen hunter) then moved to GW2 when they added the pandas. I don’t know why, but the pandas just rubbed me the wrong way. Then I moved to Rift where I met my husband! Now I’m not playing any MMORPGs at all. I miss them, but I also needed the break.

        • I actually quit playing them for a while, but once my oldest got into it the entire family got sucked back down the rabbit hole!!! It’s actually a really cool experience to play with my husband and kids. It’s a whole new level of rewarding… when my girls get sick of it though, I have a feeling I’ll never play again. I’m not sure how I feel about that lol

  1. Nik

    Welcome back 🙂 Good work on being “unproductive” – it’s good for the soul every now and then. I would let you know what I’ve been up to but I see you’ve already beaten me to it and visited my blog – thanks 🙂

  2. Productivity is formed in the heart and soul of the participant. I’d say spending time with and for your kids rates way up there on the productive scale.
    For myself, I’ve been less productive than I had hoped, barely managing to eke out a little time for my scheduled blog posts. Family illness and obligations do that to you sometimes. But you just have to adapt, go on, and get over it.
    Have a good week.

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