"Please Don't, I'm afraid it will cause actual brain damage."

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Ok, so this is an actual conversation I just had with my 15 year old.

Me:  I’m going to hit you with my book.**
Her:  Please don’t.  It’s really thick.  I’m afraid it will cause actual brain damage — Wait!  Who’s book is thicker?  *grabs her book and holds it up against mine*  Yours is thicker.  Just by a little bit though.

Not sure if she’s afraid or disappointed she can’t take me in a book fight…
** No teenagers were actually hit with a book.
CONTEXT:  After posting this yesterday it was pointed out that, without context, this may not come across as funny.  So, I give you — context!  We are huge fans of Doctor Who in our house.  We are even bigger fans of books.  A friend sent me the below image.  It’s from the Doctor Who episode that started a running joke in our house.  We have never actually hit each other with books (at least not on purpose.  Weeelll…. at least not hard enough to hurt.  Only in fun and only while giggling).
books best weapons

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0 responses to “"Please Don't, I'm afraid it will cause actual brain damage."

  1. Oh…memories of my life with my teenagers…now I am living in a household of needy “teenage” dogs…I am sure there is a reason for this torture again…and you will read about it on my blog…rofl

  2. Hahaha, actually it made me feel a bit bad. 🙂
    I understand reality is different. I had some traumatic experience in childhood and that’s the reason.
    I wish you a wonderful weekend.

    • I’m sorry. 🙁 I’d never actually hit her with anything. She and I are really close and have an odd sense of humor sometimes. We have a habit of “threatening” to hit each other with our books (it’s not scary when your both giggling). We usually just laugh and keep teasing each other about whatever it is we’re reading. This was so funny to us because she’d changed the normal back and forth. I hate that it upset you. 🙁

  3. Nik

    Haha! Nothing like a quiet family game of Rock, Hardback, Scissors 🙂 My kids are already showing good signs of weird humour so this might be me in ten years…

    • Lol! I hope so. It makes life a lot more fun! 🙂 My youngest was fluent in sarcasm by the age of 3. There aren’t a whole lot of completely serious conversations that take place around here.

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