I am exactly the right age to do that, thank you very much!

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Warning:  I’m about to start ranting.
I started knitting when I was in my early 20’s. I love it!  It’s relaxing and it makes me feel good to make things.  I’m now in my 30’s and I still have people tell me (often complete strangers) that I am too young to spend my time knitting.  Apparently, you must be old enough to retire and/or have a grandchild (or a great-grandchild) before it is acceptable for you to be a knitter.
I also enjoy playing video games.  This is not something that I gave up after I had my children.  In fact, I often play with them.  I personally feel that this is healthy for both myself and my girls.  I learn more about what’s going on in their world outside of our home while we’re fighting virtual monsters together than I would ever get if we weren’t.  For example, if their playing on the xbox or computer without me, I can yell directly in their ear “What do you want for dinner?” and get no response.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who feel differently.  Maybe they like it when their kids ignore them?
So basically, two of my favorite things to do are, by “normal” standards, out of my age range as acceptable hobbies.  Do I care? Not really.  But I am curious as to why it even bothers anyone else…  Who set these rules? And why do people feel the need to try to “correct” me?
Okay, I feel better now. Thanks for reading my rant.  🙂

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0 responses to “I am exactly the right age to do that, thank you very much!

  1. Honestly You Really Need to Read my wife’s blog cottagechickknits.com. You are doing really great to knit at your age. Hayley, my wife, started knitting 6 years ago and she is 31. So don’t feel bad, its fantastic! Have a good night.

  2. Naw, you’re not in the wrong age-range. You are simply in the wrong country. In Norway it is not uncommon to find knitters of all ages in a meetingroom at work, on the train and justabout anywhere you can think of 🙂

  3. My big sister started knitting in her twenties, and still does in her thirties. Coincidentally, my best friend, RJ, is in her twenties like me and knits. Same goes for my friend Carrie, who I met through RJ. Collectively, they’ve created a stereotype in my mind that people who knit at the “wrong age” are the absolute funnest and nicest people you will ever meet.
    So there you go.

  4. So, age matters? Not to God, whose opinion is really the only one that counts in the end. Sarah was 90 when she had her first childm Jesus was 12 when he taught the learned men in the temple. David was a teenager when he killed a giant, and Abram wad 60ish when he packef up and left for the Promised Land. I taught myself to knit in college, and have knit on and off since then. (Nowadays I’m sure hubby probably thinks I knit too much, but oh well.)

  5. My need to correct you because u destabilize what they see as normal by doing so they start doubting themselves and that is probably very scary to them

  6. I guess I’m fortunate (I’m 17) to be surrounded by people who appreciate how cool crafting is. One has even picked up knitting needles and crochet hook! I also watched a feature on the news about knittings growing popularity which means it’s apparently a cool thing to do now. I guess people like us are setting the trend!

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