Bestseller's List, Here I Come (or Not)

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This past May, I quit my job.
There were about 100 reasons why I shouldn’t have done so and only one reason why I should.  Namely, it had become obvious that the best thing for our daughters was for one of us be at home with them right now.
The fact that we even had the option open to us made it selfish for me to continue working, and so here we are.  And while the same 100 reasons continue to loom, I could not be happier with the decision we made.
I have had an absolutely amazing summer at home with our girls.  We had a great vacation where we stopped at Gettysburg, PA, Mystic, CT, and visited Gillette Castle and Hershey Park.  I have grown much closer to my 15 year old, and that just wouldn’t have been possible without this time together.
As a bonus, I have been able to rediscover a passion that I long ago gave up on – writing!
Writing became an outlet for me when I was about 9 years old.  I still remember the words on the front of my first journal: “Sometimes I need to be alone, thinking, dreaming on my own. Trying to see what makes me ‘me’ … Following my own special path.”  But at 19, when I had my first child, finding the time for poetry and short stories just didn’t seem possible.  And writing a novel was never going to happen.
The school year, with all of its craziness, is about to start once again.  My husband will more than likely be laid off soon, which means I will be heading back to work at a “real” job.  But, I will not let that stand in the way of my dreams.
I will finish my first novel by the end of this year whether I’m balancing a full time job or not.  It doesn’t matter whether I ever get it published, simply realizing the dream is enough.  And with my husband and my daughter’s support, nothing is going to stand in my way.  🙂

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  1. Good for you, Jess. I wish you all the luck in the world (and the stamina necessary for the hard work it’ll take). I look forward to following you and to hear more about your book when you’re ready to share.

    • Thanks so much! Some days, I seem to only be able to get one good paragraph to come out of me and about 2,000 other words get trashed lol. Loving the encouragement I’m getting. 🙂

  2. What a great combination – writing and parenting. Looking forward to hearing how you manage to balance it all. I’m writing a book too so we can share the journey through the pages..

  3. I was having a similar conversation the other day. We writers just need to write. Many friend, who is the ultimate perfectionist, was saying I should edit and edit and re-edit my work before sending it to an editor. I disagreed. I said that all my work is there and they are the experts at how it should be presented.

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